Jack Martins for Nassau County Executive

As Nassau County Executive, Jack is committed to ending the corruption that has compromised the public’s trust in government, protecting local property taxpayers and creating an economic renaissance to provide a brighter future for the middle class.


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Fighting the Heroin Crisis

Fighting the Heroin Crisis

Jack Martins is leading the fight against heroin and opioid abuse.

As a member of the State Senate’s Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction, Jack developed a comprehensive four-prong approach to combat this crisis and enacted bipartisan legislation that has been recognized as a national model.

By addressing all four aspects of the fight against heroin abuse (prevention, treatment, recovery and law enforcement), Jack is working to protect the most vulnerable, help those struggling with addiction and prevent the flow of these deadly drugs into our communities.

Specifically, these new laws prevent insurance companies from requiring prior authorization for access to emergency inpatient treatment and substantially expand the amount of inpatient treatment insurance companies must cover.

In addition, this comprehensive package limits access to opioid-based pain medications that are commonly the precursor to heroin addiction, expands the accessibility of the lifesaving heroin antidote Naloxone, funds the creation of more treatment beds and establishes new programs designed to prevent addiction.




April 23, 2017