Jack Martins for Nassau County Executive

As Nassau County Executive, Jack is committed to ending the corruption that has compromised the public’s trust in government, protecting local property taxpayers and creating an economic renaissance to provide a brighter future for the middle class.


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New Jobs

New Jobs

Jack Martins is leading the effort to create new jobs for middle class families.

In the State Senate, Jack dramatically cut state taxes on the small businesses that are the engine of the local economy. Martins also eliminated the unfair MTA Payroll Tax for Nassau County’s small businesses so they can compete and grow.

As co-chairman of the Senate’s Task Force on Workforce Development, Jack led a comprehensive effort to invest in people and ensure that they have the skills needed for existing and future job opportunities on Long Island.

In addition, the Task Force worked to improve the connections between job seekers and companies seeking new employees. As a result, new state funding was provided for community colleges, job training and apprenticeship programs and Jack wrote a new law empowering students and educators with information about the skills needed for the jobs of today and tomorrow.


April 20, 2017